Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Lunch time

Mindfully enjoying the sweat.

The pores in the head opened slowly and micro droplets were squeezed out. They merged to form a thin line of sweat that meandered slowly through the hairs. The many tiny rivulets flowing through the hairs gently massaged the scalp tickling it lightly and merged to form big drop. It poised gingerly on the top of the head, and as I took the next step, it rolled across 
the forehead rapidly, sliding down the nose then then gently falling into the road, a light moist spray touching the lips. The dry tongue longing for wetness darted from inside the mouth caught the spray spreading the salty taste of pure sweat across.

Like the wildebeests in the Masai river crossing waiting for one them to take the step across so that they can follow mindlessly, the other drops followed this drop, falling off the face from all directions. The tiny balls of sweat gently caressed the face, a blissful feeling that I did not want to wipe away with a handkerchief. It was wonderfully mindful and this continued for quite a few kilometres.

Running is not just about two feet and a Garmin with eyes darting at time and distance, it is about feeling every sensation, dispassionately observing it, becoming lost in time completely immersed with yourself.

The above was my experience on my 10km Thursday run at Tokyo, a warm and humid day, a maiden run in my new shoes. The New Balance Response 2.0 snugly fitted my feet, the soles more flexible and lighter than my Nike Pegasus 2 making the maiden run pleasurable.

Friday run turned out be cooler, in fact there was a mild drizzle, another relaxed 10k run, the last one in this trip before I head back on Sat. Not a bad week, with the mileage counter at 50km despite spending two days of the week in planes. Sayonara Tokyo.

OCT 1, 2016

Ode to the K2K Cyclists

(Kashmir to Kanyakumari) 

Tanned I may be, but toned I have become,
Sunburnt outside, but warmth inside.
Sun all day, does not diminish my fun
Wind not always kind, but I do not mind
Cold it was, Bold I am, certainly will not fold.
Crowds cheer, wish it was with a Beer.

Miles I go with minimal sleep
I shall rest only when I can go no further

Where I meet my Beautiful Maiden (Kanyakumari).

Bliss in 12KM