Friday, July 29, 2016

Morning commute in Bangalore

started a bit late for an early morning meeting
a commute by bike that would prove to be daunting

overnight rain
not a big pain

puddles all over the road
around which I skilfully rode

the unending traffic
always horrific

through the gaps bikes nudge
happy on the cycle, hold no grudge

a lone car parked on the busy main road
unmindful of the way traffic is slowed

on the pavement is a young woman in high heels and mini skirt
negotiating with two wheels does not allow me to flirt

fast music by Honey Singh
make me race like Milka Singh

the jam grinds the traffic to a halt
and I shift to the pavement from asphalt

crap all around, but a lovely commute
wrap yourself in the present, makes you astute

a little girl on pavement watching the traffic with wonder
an old man helped to cross the road a little yonder

traffic is noisy and frustrating
be mindful and it is invigorating.

Be you. Be Mindful.

Seeing the big picture

Let go to soar