Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Crater riding - Puncture or Massage?

(Apr 1, 2014 - Lunch time commute to home)

Decided to ride home for lunch. The typically busy Old Airport Road is quite empty.  A rider on moped zips past me making full use of the empty stretch. But this road is moon-like, filled with craters! He is about 10’ away and I see him dipping into one. Ouch. Lucky he did not fall. As I cross him, he stops to check. Tyre punctured. So much for the careless bravado. And I ride mindfully, palms light on the handlebars, the craters massage me.  Ah I love cycling!

Sketching by running

(Mar 30, 2014 - Headache recovery run  - 5.59km/33mins)

A bad headache on Sunday meant indoors most part of the day. The pain subsided when the sun set. And a good run was what I needed to clear up the head. A casual run criss-crossing the locality. Warm weather, sweaty run. Felt great. 5-Tibetians at the end. 

And don't you think that the run map picture looks like a (scary)runner in motion?

Motorcycle Suryanamaskar

(Apr 1, 2014: Morning commute to office by bicycle)

As I turned east into Old Airport Road, the sun right in the front, the ride to office slowed down considerably. Pedalled slowly, wondering as to the reason for the jam. And I could see it , a big dark wet patch possibly gooey. Hopped on to the pavement and cycled slowly. And the real reason emerged. A motorcyclist on the side with dirty wet patch on his full shirt, rubbing his hands. And a second one does a slow skid, falls and gets up. No injury. Motorcyclists are doing "Suryanamaskar". Possibly wet slippery mud mixed with oil. Glad no injuries.

Back on to the clear road and a peaceful ride to office. Everyday is interesting. Enjoy it.

“Catch me if you can”

(Mar 31, 2014 : 10.06 km run in 1:06 hrs at 06:33 pace)

Being Ugadi festival today the roads were empty. Nice cycle ride to Cubbon Park! 8AM . A big German Shepherd chasing a small dog and the little guy was fast - it was "Catch me if you can". Well, the big guy could not manage to catch him. Delight to watch.

Along the road into the trail. Sunlight filtering through the trees, golden tubes drawing circles. Quiet cool wind. Run across a small metal bridge, it shudders. Fallen dry leaves. Just you and your fluid motion. Peace.Trail ends into the road. Circle the library, suck up the sun and then back onto the trail. Broken fluorescent tubes on the side. A stray plastic bottle. Bamboo arch welcomes you to a mini bamboo grove. Two more small bridges, no shudder though. Back on the road and into the park, two circles on cemented pavement, 10km done. Time to head home. A relaxed cycle ride back.

Do you see a dog sniffing in the run map picture?  (Tilt your head anti-clockwise)

"Oh whatta ride"

(Mar 29, 2014 - A non-stop Sat morning ride 103 km in 4:15hrs at 24.2 kmph avg)

After quite a few weeks, an excellent non-stop century ride this Saturday. An early dog walk and on the saddle at 6AM. Cool weather. A big crowd at the beginning of the KR Puram bridge. Aah, they are going back home to celebrate Ugadi,a 3-day weekend.

Over the bridge, pass KR Puram signal, and as I near the lake, a beautiful sight unfolds. Mist slowly rising from the lake on left, from the green hyacinth that covers the entire lake, while the right side is clear water, shimmering golden from the early morning rising sun. The sun is hiding behind the apartments in the horizon. A murder of crows (yes that is what a group of crows are called!) glides lazily. Wish I could do that!

As I continue eastward, the giant ball rises from the apartments and engulfs me. Turn north into Siva's road, and the Sun is on my right and becomes my ride companion. As I cross a tea shop at Budigere, I lose it. Guess the Sun needs a morning cup too! After a few minutes, it is back on the right side. Enjoying the expansive road with fields on both sides, I am doing good pace. A dog comes out of nowhere, races to me with a snarl and I halt quickly. Balance lost, kiss the ground. Goal achieved, the dog walks away. He must have a bad experience with a vehicle in the past, feel sad.

40+ kms, Devanahalli bus stand. The Sun after riding with me for 23 kms is in the front. Onto Bellary road. As I descend a flyover touching 50kmph, a guy sitting at the back of a empty tempo smiles & beckons me to join him! ~50 done and U-turn. Now Sun is behind me and it is warm. A nice zippy ride on the Bellary road over multiple flyovers, and on the elevated road. Then then I feel the road. Stop and figure out that the front tyre is losing air slowly. Pump it up and continue. Repeat this once again near home. Reach home. 103 kms done in 4:15, a nice non-stop ride.
"Oh whatta ride".

Brownian motion.

(Mar 28 - Morning commute to office by bicycle)

Delayed start to office.
Car from the opposite direction takes a U-Turn. Car in front veers left. The motorcyclist wants to overtake me and rushes past me. Broken down bus on the side blocking the road. Pedestrian crosses the road, with his outstretched hand - STOP sign. I meander though.

A typical day at Bangalore. The scene at Marathahalli. Brownian motion on road. Cycling is fun. Driving a car though this - you need to be in state of Zen.

"Ma can we go to the park and play?"

(Mar 28, 2014: 10.39 km run in 56 mins at 05:21 pace)

Crescent moon today too. But the star has moved to the centre of the crescent. I am late for the dog-walk. Moon goes home. As I step out for the run, see two young teens, in conversation. The boy holding a small teddy bear with a red heart. Enjoying the togetherness after the school exams, I presume. As I jog and turn, a young frisky puppy (my friend) with his master sees me and jumps. An energetic and happy 'Good Morning'. Love that. Smile, nuzzle him, and continue to run. Boys playing cricket in the ground. As I speed up, the batsman lofts the ball, it is a SIX and the ball lands near me.

Three circles around the park and then onto a longer stretch on the main road. And then the Sun spots me. He is there in full glory. As I near the turn on the main road, he rushes in through the trees on the road-side, making a beautiful golden arch and embraces me. Energised. 3KMS done.

Criss-cross into side streets, over rough jelly stones spread on the road under work. Cross the main road and run on the pavement. 300m of dancing on the uneven granite slab pavement soothes the legs. Greet a cyclist who is racing. Into the tech park and yet another date with the Sun. 7KMS done. U-turn with Sun warming my back. Long shadow in front, really long legs. If I could stride with those long legs, I will faster that a cyclist - That would be great!

Two young girls playing badminton on the street. Five dogs sprawled on the street basking in the warm sun. Two young puppies jumping up and down to their mother's head possibly asking her "Ma can we go to the park and play?", and the mother screws her head up- Sweet. Two ducks bobbing quietly in the lake. NikePlus announces 10KMS done.

Another KM and today's run comes to an end. My fourth consecutive 10KM.
Nice. 5-Tibetians is soothing. Off to office by bicycle.

Another nice morning. Have a great day!