Tuesday, April 01, 2014

“Catch me if you can”

(Mar 31, 2014 : 10.06 km run in 1:06 hrs at 06:33 pace)

Being Ugadi festival today the roads were empty. Nice cycle ride to Cubbon Park! 8AM . A big German Shepherd chasing a small dog and the little guy was fast - it was "Catch me if you can". Well, the big guy could not manage to catch him. Delight to watch.

Along the road into the trail. Sunlight filtering through the trees, golden tubes drawing circles. Quiet cool wind. Run across a small metal bridge, it shudders. Fallen dry leaves. Just you and your fluid motion. Peace.Trail ends into the road. Circle the library, suck up the sun and then back onto the trail. Broken fluorescent tubes on the side. A stray plastic bottle. Bamboo arch welcomes you to a mini bamboo grove. Two more small bridges, no shudder though. Back on the road and into the park, two circles on cemented pavement, 10km done. Time to head home. A relaxed cycle ride back.

Do you see a dog sniffing in the run map picture?  (Tilt your head anti-clockwise)

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