Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Motorcycle Suryanamaskar

(Apr 1, 2014: Morning commute to office by bicycle)

As I turned east into Old Airport Road, the sun right in the front, the ride to office slowed down considerably. Pedalled slowly, wondering as to the reason for the jam. And I could see it , a big dark wet patch possibly gooey. Hopped on to the pavement and cycled slowly. And the real reason emerged. A motorcyclist on the side with dirty wet patch on his full shirt, rubbing his hands. And a second one does a slow skid, falls and gets up. No injury. Motorcyclists are doing "Suryanamaskar". Possibly wet slippery mud mixed with oil. Glad no injuries.

Back on to the clear road and a peaceful ride to office. Everyday is interesting. Enjoy it.

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