Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Oh whatta ride"

(Mar 29, 2014 - A non-stop Sat morning ride 103 km in 4:15hrs at 24.2 kmph avg)

After quite a few weeks, an excellent non-stop century ride this Saturday. An early dog walk and on the saddle at 6AM. Cool weather. A big crowd at the beginning of the KR Puram bridge. Aah, they are going back home to celebrate Ugadi,a 3-day weekend.

Over the bridge, pass KR Puram signal, and as I near the lake, a beautiful sight unfolds. Mist slowly rising from the lake on left, from the green hyacinth that covers the entire lake, while the right side is clear water, shimmering golden from the early morning rising sun. The sun is hiding behind the apartments in the horizon. A murder of crows (yes that is what a group of crows are called!) glides lazily. Wish I could do that!

As I continue eastward, the giant ball rises from the apartments and engulfs me. Turn north into Siva's road, and the Sun is on my right and becomes my ride companion. As I cross a tea shop at Budigere, I lose it. Guess the Sun needs a morning cup too! After a few minutes, it is back on the right side. Enjoying the expansive road with fields on both sides, I am doing good pace. A dog comes out of nowhere, races to me with a snarl and I halt quickly. Balance lost, kiss the ground. Goal achieved, the dog walks away. He must have a bad experience with a vehicle in the past, feel sad.

40+ kms, Devanahalli bus stand. The Sun after riding with me for 23 kms is in the front. Onto Bellary road. As I descend a flyover touching 50kmph, a guy sitting at the back of a empty tempo smiles & beckons me to join him! ~50 done and U-turn. Now Sun is behind me and it is warm. A nice zippy ride on the Bellary road over multiple flyovers, and on the elevated road. Then then I feel the road. Stop and figure out that the front tyre is losing air slowly. Pump it up and continue. Repeat this once again near home. Reach home. 103 kms done in 4:15, a nice non-stop ride.
"Oh whatta ride".

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