Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Leopard

Leadership Lesson #3 from Masai Mara

A Leopard had dragged up a young waterbuck up the tree,suspended it precisely on a branch with the body resting on the branch and legs hanging down. It then went about methodically tearing up the rear with its canines. Though gruesome and sad, it was interesting to see the leopard periodically adjusting the dead animal on the branch as it progressed methodically with its job of eating.

Leadership lesson: The Leopard is a very powerful animal which with its sheer speed and power can snare an animal. To ultimately accomplish its goal of satisfying its hunger, it must secure the dead animal, which it does by dragging the animal up the tree and and then eating it by doing it methodically, tear from the rear. What do we learn this? In addition to having a powerful team, it is necessary to employ powerful techniques and a good process to ensure that the job is well done. Power is best extracted via using good techniques and harnessing the same in a methodical manner.


Uday said...

Good one.
I was expecting it to be bit different:
Even if you have gained markets, seek higher ground to protect yourself from your competitors.

T Ashok said...

Uday - Lovely observation. I was fascinated by how the leopard adjusted, re-adjusted the carcass and carried any the technique/process.

Thank you for nice perspective.