Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Giraffe

Leadership Lesson from Masai Mara #4

A herd of giraffes are moving majestically, elegant in their movements as they peacefully chomp on the leaves off the tree top. Giraffe by virtue of its height and its distinctive coat is indeed a majestic animal . They are not shy at all. One of them walked to our vehicle confidently, stopped, looked at us without any fear and then strutted away. The movements were peaceful and seemingly unhurried. On a different note, it is interesting how a giraffe walks- Both the legs on one side go forward and then the next side go forward, very unlike the other animals where front and rear are in sync.

Leadership lesson: The majestic appearance oozing confidence, fearless attitude, grace and elegance are traits that make a leader successful. And the team will do anything to ensure that the leader stand tall always.

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