Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ode to the K2K Cyclists

(Kashmir to Kanyakumari) 

Tanned I may be, but toned I have become,
Sunburnt outside, but warmth inside.
Sun all day, does not diminish my fun
Wind not always kind, but I do not mind
Cold it was, Bold I am, certainly will not fold.
Crowds cheer, wish it was with a Beer.

Miles I go with minimal sleep
I shall rest only when I can go no further

Where I meet my Beautiful Maiden (Kanyakumari).

Dec 1, 2016 : K2K team at BLR today 
22 cyclists doing the Kashmir to Kanyakumari are in BLR today. They have done 3000+ kms, starting from Jammu on Nov 7 and arrived at BLR on Tue evening. After a day's rest they were flagged off from Mahatma Gandhi Park today morning at 7AM going to Vellore today.

They are spreading the message of Swacch Bharat across India, this is "Tour de Rotary", an initiative by Rotary Club Madras Midtown as part of Rotary Centennial. 

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