Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Lions

Leadership Lesson #1 from Masai Mara

A lion is busy eating the fresh kill of wildebeest whilst a cackle of hyenas are sitting a little distance away patiently waiting for the lion to finish. Once the lion is satiated and moves away to rest, the hungry Hyenas will finish the rest. Their teeth are so powerful that they can crush the bones. In another instance we saw a wake of vultures in fierce fighting to eat the remains of a carcass killed by a lioness. In nature nothing is left to waste with each animal specialised in its contribution to the nature’s eco-system cycle. A wildbeest is a big animal and it is a shame to waste anything at all. The Hyenas don’t mess with the lion nor do the vultures with any of these animals. 
Lions eating Wildebeest

Hyenas patiently waiting for the lions to finish
 Leadership lesson: It takes multiple skills to get a job done well. Each facet of work requires varied intelligence and power. Understanding this, abiding your time patiently and then contributing your best is key to being successful. Do you know who in your team is the Lion(ess), Hyena, Vulture? Each member is important, there is nothing superior or inferior.

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