Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catch the shadow run - Attempt #2

(Mar 26, 2014: 10.39 km run in 56 mins at 05:21 pace)

Squiggles in the neighbourhood around the park for 3 km and then an easterly straight run towards the fresh warm sun. Eyes on the sun, arms outstretched, deep breaths, sucking up cosmic energy - Feels great. Love the Sun in front. Sweat drops sliding slowly, glistening in the warm radiance, caressing the face. Simple pleasures.

As I turn back, the shadow teases me from the front. "Catch me it says". And I continue to chase. Armin van Buuren music fills me, arms and legs in a flowing rhythm with the music and 10km happens. Time runs out, I stop in the park. Shoes off, barefoot walk, stretches and back home with shoes in hand.

A lovely morning! Have a great day, my dear friends.

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