Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maturity – What is it after all?

In my interactions/conversations with colleagues, I have always pondered on "what is maturity"

Maturity to me has been...
… About seeing the large picture and not just the parts
… About dealing with fuzzy information well
… About asking questions that help in understanding

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T Ashok

May 27, 2009

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ModernSophist said...

A lot of the people have gotten it wrong or, at least, have not gotten it. Maturity isn't just a list of ideal behaviors. It's more to do with what's appropriate, the key being the thought process which leads to a conscious decision. I’ve recently been trying to sort out ‘maturity’ on my own, trying to understand what it is. The problem that I see, is that most people define ‘maturity’ as an opposite of ‘immaturity,’ so that, instead of it being a specific action on its own, it’s just not behaving a certain way. This says a lot, as though we naturally assume the immature actions first, or area always wary of them. But maturity isn't, as a lot of people tend to assign it, just a matter of being precocious or even cautious.

What we need is a more specific definition of maturity, and not just some general sense of doing good or making good decisions. I don’t think it has anything to do with what you choose do do, but how you make those choices. See what you think about my take on it, in “How to Be a Grownup”